NOMA – beautifully styled by CHRISTINE RUDOLPH

Take one glance at the new book, “Noma, Time and Place in Nordic Cuisine”, and you’ll be swooning over the beautiful images that fill it cover to cover.  Christine Rudolph and Ditte Isager embarked on a three year journey that was obviously well worth it.  On October 5th, Phaidon published 200 beautifully styled images… words don’t do justice, take a look.

I’m obsessed with this book, so expect more posts with images to follow….



One Response to “NOMA – beautifully styled by CHRISTINE RUDOLPH”

  1. Says:

    I love this book it is so beautiful! My husband took me to Noma for our 1year anniversary and we loved it. It was the best food we’ve eaten and the styling of the restaurant was perfect, so beautiful (the chairs..I loved them)!
    My husband is a chef and he wants to get the same grey plates that they use….any help? 🙂
    Thank you / Margrethe

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