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LEE CLOWER in today’s WWD

April 26, 2010

Who doesn’t love reading WWD every morning with their cup of coffee??  It’s even sweeter when it opens up to the advertorial section, featuring Cynthia Rowley’s Slim, shot by Lee Clower.  Shortly following were the Slim ads, a new line that has just launched.  The images were selected for the cover of the advertorial insert.

We continue to love WWD… and Lee…


April 20, 2010

While some people were still taking holiday earlier this year, London was hit with a massive snowstorm that shut down Heathrow and seriously inhibited any attempt at any arrival or departure.  After several trips to and from the airport, James Merrell not only boarded a plane, but it also departed for LAX.  It was a long process, but it was worth it to get the day with Modern Family star, Julie Bowen.  A few of the images here… check out the story now running in this months April issue of InStyle.


April 12, 2010

Recent Tommy fashion ads, shot by Tamara Schlesinger, are starting to appear at stores and on the web for Macy’s!

Mikkel Vang for Vogue Living

April 7, 2010

Mikkel Vang recently shot a beautiful 10 page interior story of the Crosby Hotel for last months Vogue Living.

David Syke’s latest FAUX FOOD!

April 5, 2010

David Sykes has been getting quite a bit of noteworthy attention lately for his faux food projects.  Bloggers and creatives just can’t seem to get enough!  At first it was his balloon breakfast… followed by the basketball meatballs… and most recently his fish and chips shot.  Check out an interview with David about his collection and the different components on the Bon Appetit blog.